Vision Statement

Mission Statement

We hope to be a school that will provide excellent education for our students everyday of the school year.
Instilling the highest level of discipline in all aspects of development of the students. Placing emphasis on individual student as we recognize that each child is unique being capable and able to excel diligently and with integrity.
Exposing them to modern global teaching and learning facilities in order to prepare them for the world at large without them losing their cultural heritage.
Enlightening them through seminars and workshops where renowned external role models in the society would serve as guest speakers to counsel, educate and develop them morally, socially, mentally and physically.
Giving them the best pastoral care, students are developed personally and guided by trained staff to be responsible young people.
We at Brainforte High School aim to deliver excellent education services that will address our community’s needs and enhance our quality of life, provide each student with diverse education in a safe and supportive environment that promotes self discipline and motivation. BHS joins parents and community to assist the students in developing skills to become independent and self-sufficient adults who will succeed and contribute responsibly in a global community.

Brainforte High School understands that every Child is his or her own unique person. In respecting this, we pledge to provide the enabling environment to help them come into their own and hold it.

Brainforte High School

Brainforte High School is located at Chike Street, Mgbuoba, Port Harcourt in Rivers State. It occupies a decent environment, the serene setting and the school’s modern buildings offer a privileged study environment.
The school has a standard learning and recreational facilities. It is recognized and celebrated for the strength of its programs, its warm and nurturing culture, and its strong sense of community. We are an established school that has worked hard over a number of years to provide good education to all our students and provide them with opportunities to develop. Our commitment is to know every student as an individual. Through strong leadership supported by governance we seek to foster the principles of team spirit, responsibility, and care for others. At the core of the school ethos is a determination to provide students with the resources to become critical thinkers and lifelong learners through an international, inquiry based programme of learning.    
The School is committed to an open admissions policy. There is a strong culture of acceptance of difference, and extensive support for the individual needs of students. The School has a very well-qualified and stable staff, and there is a strong commitment to investing in the professional development of teachers. We always aim to recruit staff that are passionate about teaching and learning.  
We have a dedicated team of both teaching and support staff, who ensure that our children enjoy a happy and caring educational experience within a secure, stimulating and purposeful environment. The expertise and experience of the Senior Leadership Team contributes greatly to the consistent strength of the school.

Our facilities are very good, and meet the academic, technological and social requirements of our students. Within the school we have well equipped classrooms, which are bright and spacious. We have interactive smart boards, a separate library, an ICT suite and several small group-working areas.

The school is fortunate in having a strong and experienced Governing Board who share in the staff’s commitment to ensuring the long and short-term success of the school. They take an active part in school life as well as ensuring that the school remains a safe environment for all children to reach their full potential.


As soon as students get into the senior school, they receive structured career counseling to enable them to choose the right course of study and gain admission to reputable institutions at home or abroad.

A forum is held once every session with parents of senior school students to keep them up-to-date with the dynamics of university admission. At the end of their school year, we expect a decision from students and their parents on university location, career, and qualifying examinations applicable.
Final year life orientation seminars serve to properly kit our students to excel in every facet of their lives after they leave school.
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