Lady Chioma Wokocha

Proprietress's Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Brainforte High School.

Brainforte High School is a vibrant and challenging educational school, which truly opens the minds and hearts of its students, teachers, parents and all other members of its community. The Key to the success of Brainforte High School is its ability to provide an exciting and engaging environment for students to learn and develop.

Brainforte High School recognizes that schooling is a collaborative process involving students, teachers, administrators, parents and the community. Participation by the community is encouraged; for it takes a whole community to educate a child. When the community members are committed to a team approach, excellence in education is achieved.

Our creative curriculum is focused on high standards and quality, as well as enjoyment and fun. This can only be achieved with a crop of highly experienced and committed team of teachers who are motivated and inspired in their teaching.

An important aim of the school is to help the children develop into happy, secure and confident young people well equipped to move on to the next stage of their education and to achieve their maximum potential as functional members of society.

There is a strong family ethos in the school, and family values are important. The children are expected to promote these in their behaviour and respect for each other. Parents are very welcome in school and there is an active Parent Teacher Association to support the students of BHS in a variety of valuable ways.

Yours sincerely,

Lady Chioma Wokocha

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